Dell ComputersHow to buy Dell Computers and get the best deal from the Dell Website.  

The Dell Computers website is broken down into several divisions.

Home and Home office (H&HO)
 Small Business (SB)
Medium and Large Business (M&L)
Government, Education, Healthcare (GE&H).
It Seems as if each division is a separate company.
Prices are different in each division.
The M&L and the GE&H both seem to work off the bid system. You put your order together and then ask Dell for a bid---My business is not that large and so I know little of this.

Dell Home Office compared to Dell Small Business

I have compared these two a bunch. The Small Business website almost always has the best deal. If you click the  Dell Weekly Promotion and then click on "HOT OFFERS" or "SMART VALUES". This is where I have found the best deals on Dell.

Use your name as a Small Business

If you do not have a small business not to worry.  You can just use your Name as a business name and purchase from the small business division.   The Salesmen at the Home division cannot sell you items in the Small Business Division and the SB Division Salesmen cannot sell from the Home Division.

Hot Dell Offers

I have found the Best Dell Deals anywhere are at Small Business Hot Offers now called "Smart Values".
How to get there? 
Dell Weekly Promotion is updated twice a week usually on Monday and Thursday.  Sometimes Dell has weekend specials also.   I have bought a lot of computers to sell on Ebay through these promotions. Often the savings are significant. The pricing from one side of Dell's website to the other can be completely different.  

Dell Computers on Ebay

If you look at the New computers on Ebay most of them are bought here and split.  The monitor sold separate from the Desktop. The price gyrations of Dell make it easy to pick up 5 of these computers and unload them on Ebay and make anywhere from $20 to $100 per computer. You need to build your Ebay feedback rating to over 25 before you start trying to sell $300 to $500 computers.

I have bought and sold over 100 Dell computers and monitors in the last couple of years.  Sometimes the deals on the website are just really good.  You can get a pretty good idea of their value by looking at the discount on the item.  $300 off a computer that ends up at $449 is usually a deal that you can make money on.  $300 off a $1500 computer you probably cannot make money on.  $160 off on a computer that you purchase for $469 you will probably not be able to make money on.  Wait for a better deal later in the week or next week.  The deals can change a lot from day to day.

The Second Deal 

The Second deal from the left is usually the best deal.  After you click on "SMART VALUES" and then on desktops you will see six different offers.  The cheapest deal is usually on the left.  This is usually a good deal but the second deal is usually a significant upgrade.  Often 3 or more items will be upgraded such as more memory, better disc drive and better monitor.  Each of these changes would increase the price of the first deal by $50 and that is how much extra the second deal is.  Sometimes the third deal is an even better value.  Again compare, compare, compare.  Dell Computer Website Deals

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