7.5 cents per net10 minute

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7.5 Cents per NET10 Minute

7.5 Cents per NET10 Minute. 

Tricks to get the best deal on Prepaid Cell Phone Minutes from Net10.

Now you can pay 7.5 cents per Net10 Minute all the time. There are two ways to get the best deal on prepaid cell phone minutes.

The first way you can get 7.5 cent minutes is to buy a new Phone from Net10.com. If you check the fine print on many of the Net10 phones you will get 300 minutes and 60 days of service for activating your phone.  Sometimes you can get these phones for $20.  That is cheaper than buying a minute card.

If you go online to Net10.com. to buy your minutes when you are on the buy airtime page you willl be able to get minutes for less than 10 cents.  The Website only deals give you 7.5 cent minutes.

New Net10 monthly cards

Net Ten has just started offerning monthly cards.  They offer a $25 750 minute Monthly card and a $50  Unlmited minutes, text, and data card.  Check out Net10 Unlimited for all the details on the monthly cards

Net10.com Phone cards when you buy your phone. Otherwise when you activate your phone you will only have 10 or 20 minutes to use on your phone. Do not put more than one card into your phone when you first get it working to make sure it will work for you in your area.

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Net10 Motorola C139, Tracfone/Net10 Motorola C261 Camera Phone and the Tracfone LG 3280.

Net 10 "Easy Minutes"

You can always get 7.5 cents a minute from the Net10.com Website. Sign up for the NET10 Easy Minutes plan and buy $75 which will get you 1000 minutes and 30 days.

You can change from $75 plan to $15 plan with no fees any time you want. Be sure to keep your phone active so you do not lose your phone number. There is no charge to start, change or end the Easy Minute Net10 Plan.

My 7.5 cents per Net10 Minute Experience

While moving a while back I used a lot of minutes over a couple of months. I had stacked up nine or ten months of service time and I was out of minutes. I normally use 150 to 200 minutes a month. I signed up for Easy Minutes and purchased the 1000 minutes for $75. I got another month of service time and 1000 minutes. Then I cancelled my "Easy Minute" plan. I don't need minutes for a while and depending on how fast I use up the 1000 minutes I will probably go back to buying the 300 minute cards.

Click on this link to get more information about the NET10 Easy Minutes plan.

The Latest NET 5 CENTS per Net10 Minute Deal

NET10 is offering the Reconditioned Noki 1600 and a 300 minute $30 card for $30. When you activate the phone you get 300 minutes and 60 days of activation. With the activation and the card you end up with 600 minutes and 4 months of activation for $30 PLUS you get a free phone. This deal has been offered off and on from NET10. When it is available buy two of them (the website will not let you buy more than two). Keep the cards to use in your main phone (ten cents a minute) and activate the refurbished phone and use it to talk to an old friend or your Mom or whatever. This is the best deal and it probably won't be around long.

How to Buy a Net10 Phone

You can purchase Net10 phones many places. You can buy them at Walmart, Circuit City, Staples, Best Buy or Online. Usually at tthe Net10.com Website you will have more selection and better prices. The latest Net 10 deals are always online.

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