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Tracfone Review of the New Tracfone LG 225

The Lg 225 Tracfone Camera phone is the first folding camera phone offering from Tracfone. The Motorola C261 is no longer the only camera phone from Tracfone.

The new small folding GSM LG CG225 Camera phone works on the At&t network. It is a nice addition to the Tracfone phone offerings. This phone will be the most expensive Tracfone for a while but I think it is still the best Tracfone phone deal. Tracfone Review

Tracfone LG 225 next to the Nokia 1600 and Motorola W370.

Tracfone LG 225 next to the Nokia 1600 and Motorola W370.

The LG 225 is only offered with a Tracfone Unlimited Double Minute (DMFL) installed.

The LG 225 camera phone is available through the web site. The included DMFL card makes this phone a great bargain. Normally the DMFL card is $50 to add to your phone. If you buy $30 or larger cards for your phone you will be paying 12.5 cents a minute or less (not counting using bonus codes). If you use your Tracfone more than just for emergencies the phone with DMFL is the best way to go.

Tracfone Pictures

The camera feature can be really fun. If you don't need a camera phone(Who really needs a camera phone?) it is really handy to have a camera around. You can take a picture of anything and it is stored on your camera. If you don't want to send pictures to your friends I would still recommend the LG 225. The Free DMFL that comes with this phone makes this phone inexpensive and it is one of the best phones that Tracfone offers. If you buy a LG 225 at and get double minutes for the life of the phone!

Lots of New Tracfones

Tracfone is starting to sell several new phone more expensive models, hopefully this is because they have figured out what the other Cell companies know. The fancier the phone they make available, often the more use the phone gets.

The new Tracfone LG 225 is also joined by the Motorola W370, the Kyocera K126C, the LG 200C, and the LG 1500 GSM.


Texting with the Tracfone LG CG 225 Camera Phone

Texting with the Tracfone LG 225 will cost .3 unit for incoming and outgoing text messages. There are several advantages to texting over talking. With texting you might not make those stupid mistakes many of us are known for making when talking with their wives and girlfriends.

Texting allows time to respond. Texting can be quite a bit less expensive but be careful. I have a friend with unlimited texting and he has had months with text messages in the hundreds. If you get good at them they can be very fast and easy. If you use texting to chat it can get expensive. If you use texts to get messages to someone it is can be inexpensive. Get an LG 225 phone from for $49.99 and receive big savings!

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