Tucker genealogy and family history

A brief history of the family - written for a Tucker family reunion in 1961

North Hill Local History Group - very informative website about the North Hill area

Descendants of Edward Tucker and Jane Kittow/ Kitto.  The first of our Tucker's to emigrate to New Zealand

1.  EDWARD TUCKER was born about 1790 in North Hill, Cornwall, England.  He died 25 September 1855 in Freemans Bay, Auckland, New Zealand. He was buried 27th September at Symonds Street cemetery in Auckland, New Zealand. 

He was the son of James Tucker (1752- 1809) and Elizabeth Symons (1762- ).  They married on 30 December 1788 in North Hill, Cornwall, England. More on this generation at the bottom of the page.

Edward married JANE KITTOW or KITTO on 19 December 1818 in Calstock, Cornwall, England, she was the daughter of WILLLIAM KITTOW and TEMPERANCE CORNELIUS.  She was born About1793, St Andrews, Calstock, Cornwall, England. And she died on 7th January 1883 in Arch Hill, Auckland, New Zealand, 

From Edwards Death certificate (NZ):

Death certificate:  died 25th Sept 1855;  address, Freemans Bay, Auckland; age at death: 65 years; cause of death influenza; informant: Richard Tucker, son, sawyer, Freemans Bay.

From Jane's Death certificate (NZ): 

died 7th Jan 1883, Arch Hill, Auckland; died aged 89 years; buried 9th Jan 1883 at Symonds Street Cemetery, Auckland;  church and minister: Rev. Haseldon, Church of England; born Cornwall England, lived in New Zealand for 46 years, married age 25 to Edward Tucker. living children 3 males, 1 female; informants name is Thomas, the rest of his name and description is unreadable.

The family emigrated to New Zealand via the William Bryan

The William Bryan

The barque William Bryan, of 312 tons, was built at Southhampton in 1816.  Originally owned by Messers Domett & England she was sold to Tullock & Company in 1844 and subsequently to Frampton & Company. She made various voyages to the  Black Sea and West Indies and was finally wrecked in 1859. 

In October 1840 William Bryan was contracted to the Plymouth Company to transport  prospective settlers to New Zealand. She sailed from Plymouth in 19 November 1840  and arrived off the newly selected site of New Plymouth, Taranaki on March 31st 1841 with the first 148 Company settlers.

William Bryan passenger list and the original list

In the passenger list the family were shown as:

Edward                            50                            Ag lab

Jane                                47

Edward Jnr                      17                            Ag Lab

boy                                 7-14                        (John aged abt 11)

boy                                 7-14                         (unknown son)

girl                                  7-14                         (Eliza aged abt 8)

girl                                   1-7                          (Jane Kitto aged about 7-8)

boy                                  1-7                           (Richard aged abt 6)

boy                                  1-7                            (William Henry aged 1 yr 7 mos)

It seems the elder two sons did not emigrate with the family.

            Painting of the William Bryan

Children of EDWARD TUCKER and JANE KITTOW are:

JAMES TUCKER, Baptised 14 Feb 1819 Calstock, Cornwall, England.  Residence at baptism: Harrowbarrow

WILLIAM TUCKER, Baptised 12 Nov 1820 in Calstock.  Residence at baptism: New Quay, Tavistock, England. 

EDWARD TUCKER, Baptised 16 Feb 1823 in Calstock, Cornwall, England.  Residence at baptism Cothele Quay; d. 08 Jul 1877 Clive, Hawkes Bay.

MARY ANN  (or MARYANN) TUCKER, Baptised 8 May 1825, Calstock, England. Residence at baptism: Metherell. d. North Hill 1826 

JOHN TUCKER, Baptised 8 Nov 1829,  residence at baptism:  Treveniel Mills, North Hill,  Cornwall, Eng; d. 19 Dec 1903, Auckland New Zealand.

ELIZA TUCKER, Baptised 26 Feb 1832, residence at baptism:  Treveniel Mills, North Hill, Cornwall, England; d. 24 Sep 1854, Auckland New Zealand.

JANE KITTO TUCKER, Baptised 2 Oct 1832 in North Hill, residence at baptism: Coads Green, North Hill, Cornwall, Eng; d. 26 Dec 1909, Thames, New Zealand.

RICHARD TUCKER, Baptised 2 Mar 1834 in North Hill.  Residence at baptism: Coads Green, North Hill,  Cornwall, Eng; d. 04 Mar 1891, buried 6 March in Auckland. Symonds street cemetery, New Zealand, Block C 49.

WILLIAM HENRY TUCKER, b. 16 April 1839 North Hill Village,  Baptised 12 May 1839, North Hill,  Cornwall, Eng.  (English birth Certificate available - see BMD's page in left menu)

The LDS Church batch numbers for North Hill are: C052951,CO23492, EO52951, CO23491 and MO52951, to view, please click HERE

Other source: the Online Parish Clerk  who recently added North Hill to their database (2011) 

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Children of James Tucker and Elizabeth Symons.

Edward Tucker was born in 1790 to James and Elizabeth (nee Symons) Tucker of North Hill  link

and his possible siblings were:

John - baptised 1789 North Hill

Edward - baptised 1790 North Hill

Jennifer - baptised 1793 North Hill. Residence Bowhayland

James - baptised 1795 North Hill. Residence Bowhayland

Jane - baptised 1798 North Hill. Residence Treveniel 

Mary - baptised 1799 North Hill. Residence Treveniel Mill

Grace - baptised 1802 North Hill. Residence Treveniel

Jenny Simmons - baptised 1805 North Hill. Residence Treveniel.  Married Philip Cocks (Jenny Symons Tucker) in Calstock.

William - baptised 1808 North Hill. Residence Treveniel