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Taka Tucker mystery

Thanks to Olwyn for sharing the following story


Several years ago my sister and I visited Bernard Tucker in Paeroa. He had many tales to tell (as Tuckers do) but one in particular we had not heard before.
He told us that some years previously he had been a policeman reporting for duty at the waterfront riots in Auckland.
At some stage during this time he met up with a young Maori policeman, whose surname was Taka. This man told Bernard that from what he knew his father was actually a Tucker. According to him he had 'gone bush' and taken up with a young Maori woman.
Somehow Bernard discovered, rightly or wrongly, that this was in fact Charles who appears on the family tree with no descendants.
On discussing with others in the family it appears others have heard this story but at this point no one can verify facts.
It would be wonderful if someone could shed some light and perhaps help fill in some gaps.
please email me (Tracey) if you have heard, or can verify this story.