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Headstone of Edward and Emma Tucker


Edward Tucker, died July 8 1877, aged 57 years

also his beloved wife

Emma Tucker, died Dec 14 1908, aged 82 years

and of Emma

beloved wife of William Henry Jackson and daughter of above

died March 11, 1893, aged 25 years

As a mark of respect many of the descendants of Edward and Emma Tucker gathered here 5 - 11 - 1961


Joseph Tucker son of Edward and Emma, the small stone to the left is his son Alfred, and to the right is Sarah Anne, nee Cheer, Joseph's wife and mother of Alfred, under the Waikaraka Cemtery (further down the page) is their son Oswald and family.


William and Sarah Tucker, my great grandparents


William and Ruth Jackson

The stone reads:

In Loving Memory - Ruth Jackson died July 1st 1929 aged 81 years "at rest" also William Jackson, beloved husband of above died 20th March 1932, aged 89 years


Frederick and Emily Tucker, nee Howse -  Frederick was the son of Edward and Emma Tucker, Emily was the daughter of  Edward and Maria Howse, nee Herbert. Buried with them is their daughter, Emily Herbert Tucker, who died 10 Oct 1961.


Clive and Doris Tucker


William and Mary Palmer, my great great grandparents

also buried here are: white plaque: Colin Rainsford Palmer who was theirn eldest son, black plaque: Colin's wife Amelia Jane, nee Henry with their son John David Palmer  white plaque: Dulcie Merle Palmer, daughter of William and Mary.


Headstone of my great grandparents,  John and Gretta Steel

Hubert and Gladys Tucker, my great grandparents


James and Frances Tucker and their daughter Eva Maude, who married William Lewis. James was a son of Edward and Emma Tucker


Richard and Maria Tucker - Richard's inscription is on the tall part of the headstone, and reads: In loving memory of Richard Tucker, beloved husband of Maria Tucker, who died 15 Dec 1922. The topmost square says "His End was Peace"  the middle square reads: Maria, wife of above, died 2_ Dec 1930, aged __ years, Their son Raymond is also buried here. 



Reads: In loving memory of Alan George Tucker died 8 Sept 1947 aged 18 yrs. Youngest son of Oswald Langham Tucker died 22 Mar 1982 aged 94 yrs. Husband of Emily Elizabeth died June 3 1983 aged 92 yrs. "Loves greatest gift - Rememberance"

William Henry and Edith Burroughs (nee Tucker)


William Kingi Ihaka, my grand father

George Thomas Baker and Mildred Mabel Ihaka - father and daughter - my great and great great grandparents


George Piripi Ihaka and daughter Hope

George Ihaka and his daughter Hope Thorburn, nee Ihaka

Elizabeth Davies, Nee Penrose, formerly Commons.  not sure of cemetery