Inch Loss Body Treatments

             Inch loss Body Treatment "The 8                 Day Thyroid Thump": 
Cost €58    
 ~ Firstly the body is exfoliated with high         levels of marine based products &             essential oils 
 ~ Seaweed & seawater solution is then         massaged into the skin
 ~ The body is then wrapped in a heated         blanket for 20 minutes
 ~ Because seaweed & seawater are high         in iodine the metabolism is kick                 started into burning fat & reducing             water retention. 
 ~ This process continues to work in the         system for up to eight days,                       hence "The 8 Day Thyroid Thump" 
 ~ An average inch loss of between 6 & 12     inches can be expected
    Treatment time 1 hour -  Course of 4            recommended.
                Mini-Mi Body Wrap: €65

 ~ minimi body wrap is a non- invasive             treatment offering you a better body.

 ~ The added anti cellulite ingredient will         achieve a noticeable improvement in the      appearance of cellulite dimples, in                 addition to the inch loss.