Acaday Spa

3 Unique New Treatments. 1 hour per treatment. Cost per treatment €60.

Treatment 1:
  • Relaxing Massage Treatment with Royal Bamboo
  • Relieves muscular fatigue
  • Stimulates blood circulation
  • Drains toxins
  • Has a known calming effect, dissipating nervous and cerebal tensions 
Treatment 2
          • Tonifying treatment with celestial spheres
          • Sedative, penetrative and warming effect
          • Improves circulation and increases vitality
          • Releases emotional blocks
          • Improves respiration and energy
Treatment 3:
  • Detoxifying treatment with exotic wood stones
  • Soft and powerful, these handmade stones increase the slimming effects of the massage by acting on cellulite freeing accumulated toxins
  • Assists in speeding up the elimination process of the intestines, often responsible for weight gain