In order to answer all our skin's needs, Academie have developed several different ranges of skin care to suit every need...

 ~ Seaweed Facial (1hr) €50
    If your skin is looking red, inflamed or feeling irrated then this is the treatment for you!                Suitable for all skin types.

 ~ Hydration Facial (1hr) €48
    Leaves the skin feeling soft, moist & plump. Perfect for dehydrated skin.

 ~ Lifting & Firming Facial with Vitamin C (1hr) €65
    The answer to a non-surgical face-lift. Helps retain a youthful appearance with guaranteed        lifting results in one treatment.

 ~ Microdermabrsion (1hr) €65
    This treatment involves the use of fine crystals to gently exfoliate the upper layer of the            epidermis leaving a silky smooth finish.

 ~ Medicated Cleansing Facial Treatment (1hr) €40
    Breakouts have met their match! This medicated cleansing treatment purifies the skin with        deep cleansing followed by extractions. Particularly good for acne prone skin.

 ~ Student Facial (30min) €25