Answers to Questions from the Tulsa League of Women Voters
All answers were limited to 150 words or less. 


Question 1   Biographical Information:


Graduated Northeastern State University with a degree in computer science.

Graduated University of Phoenix with a masters degree in business administration.


Over 20 years of private business and industry experience in the oil and gas industry, fleet service maintenance programming for North American Van Lines, materials management programming for AEP/PSO, director of information services for TV Guide, and assistant district manager for the Tulsa World. 


Over 10 years experience in the National Guard being awarded outstanding officer candidate in tactics from the cadre of the Oklahoma Military Academy.


Senior project manager for a lot of the reconstruction projects at Camp Gruber east of Muskogee to include but not limited to land clearing, drainage operations, road improvements, equipment maintenance and personnel safety. 


Previous president of the Down Syndrome Association of Tulsa,  leadership positions in the Asbury United Methodist Men’s Ministry and  youth softball and basketball coach, at  Salk Elementary School 


Question 2:  Where do you see opportunities for the City of Tulsa and Tulsa County to work together to meet the needs of the citizens?


The City of Tulsa and Tulsa County already work together as partners in housing inmates at the Tulsa County Jail.  The county must ensure that we are being as efficient as possible in the operation of this facility.  The City of Tulsa should expect its partner to provide the service at a fair and reasonable cost for housing inmates. 


We should see synergy in the area of city and county parks and recreation.  These departments can and should work together to improve contract negotiations for fuel, vehicle and facility maintenance. 


The county should not just look within the City of Tulsa for areas of synergy but all outlining urban cities within the county for ways of saving money while working together.


Again, opportunities to realize savings in consolidated contracting for fuel, vehicle and equipment purchases and maintenance could and should be realized. 


Question  3:  How do you propose that county resources be equitably divided among all districts and on what basis should those decisions be made?


This is difficult in that each district will have it’s own unique facility and infrastructure maintenance requirements.   I think first you look at populations and property tax contribution within each district. 


Then you analyze the uniqueness of each district and the most immediate needs of the county as a whole.   Some districts realize more road improvements and maintenance operations from the city and other surrounding cities due to the proximity of surrounding city limits. 


Those unincorporated areas that are largely in North Tulsa County go with minimal infrastructure maintenance and should be evaluated in the budget process accordingly. 


The truth is the government cannot be all things to all people all the time, but if a practical approach to solving the county problems is used, every district can realize their needed improvements in infrastructure. 


Good leadership employs a consensus building approach so that everyone realizes a win-win situation.