Africa and The Middle East

Africa makes up a fourth of the entire world, while also holding a tenth of the world’s total population. This continent is considered to be the most nomadic of all the landmasses. Africa still faces various difficulties that prevent it from becoming a fully developed society. About a third of African countries are involved in armed altercations, which in turn led to several displacements in the population (“Regional Overview”). In addition, poverty and unsanitary conditions cause individuals to relocate to different locations that are prosperous and full with opportunities. The most frequent type of migration in Africa is intraregional migration. Countries such as Côte d’Ivoire and South Africa are some of the top receiving countries of migrants within the continent (“World Migration Report”). Migrants experience several complications in these countries that prevent them from pursuing their lives in the country that they currently reside in.

African & Middle Eastern Maps; Source: CIA Factbook