Lesson Plans
Immigration Lesson Plan for Grades K - 2 -
The purpose of this lesson plan is to become aware of the various contributions immigrants have provided the American society. Students would develop a really basic understanding of immigration.

Immigration Lesson Plan for Grades 3 - 5 - The purpose of this lesson plan is to compare and contrast the stories of immigrants of the past and immigrants of today. Students would use web technology to promote research skills, build upon writing skills, and develop a basic understanding of immigration. 

Immigration Lesson Plan for grades 5 - 7 - The purpose of this lesson plan serves to explore the history of the nation's immigrants. Students would conduct research, perform historical analyses and interpretations, identify their own countries of origin, compare and contrast immigrants of the past to immigrants of today, and demonstrate how immigrants influenced today's culture, language, and traditions.

Immigration Lesson Plan for grades 6-12 - This lesson plan involves understanding immigration reform from different perspectives. Students would formulate their own definitions of terms, conduct research, participate in class discussion, debate on issues of immigration, and become aware of current laws revolving around immigration.

Essay Prompts / Discussion Questions

The following questions are essay prompts that could be assigned to middle school 
and high school students. Students would be able to utilize their personal experience, research skills, and writing skills in order to effectively portray their opinions, thoughts, assertions and ideas on the topic of immigration. Click here to gain access to a printer-friendly version of the essay prompts / discussion questions