"The Foundations" Sources

Secondary Text Sources

"The American Citizenship Process." USCitizenship. Web. 19 July 2011. http://www.uscitizenship.info/articles/the-american-citizenship-process/index.html.

USCitizenship provides a step-by-step explanation of the entire citizenship process. Requirements, interviews, checks, tests, waivers, etc. are discussed in detail. This article shows how long, drawn out, costly, and tiresome the naturalization process really is.

Kerry. “Difference Between Alien and Immigration.”  Web.  6 July 2011. http://www.differencebetween.net/language/difference-between-alien-and-immigrant.

This article emphasizes the misuse of the thought-to-be-interchangeable terms “alien” and “immigrant.” It also breaks down the terms into two: legal and illegal. This article provides knowledge on immigrants and aliens. It also gives the motives/intentions behind their actions.

Martin, Vincent P. "Am I a Citizen of the United States?" 8 July 2009. Web. 13 July 2011. http://www.hg.org/article.asp?id=6654.

Martin explains the different ways one can be automatically granted citizenship. Different situations that many people don't know could grant them citizenship are described. This article explains the different ways the law can work in their advantage in terms of citizenship. 

“Myths About Immigration.” Minnesota Advocates for Human Rights. 2008. Web. 5 July 2011. http://wellstone.mpls.k12.mn.us/Myths_About_Immigrants2.html.

This article attacks many popular false beliefs about immigration and illegal immigrants. It also explains how immigrants can be very beneficial to the work force and the economy. This article exposes the negative views/stereotypes that are put on immigrants. People don’t take time to analyze the good in the situation.

Wright, Romney. "Overview of All Nonimmigrant Visas."  Law Offices of Romney Wright. Web. 12 July 2011. http://aboutimmigrationlaws.com/visa.php.

This article provides the requirements and processes involved in obtaining a NONIMMIGRANT Visa. It also explains how the Visa can be used and the procedures that must be followed to receive and hold the Visa legally. The article shows what an immigrant must go through when coming to another country.

Primary Text Sources

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Image Sources

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