Did You Know? Sources

Secondary Sources

"Background - Immigration and Overpopulation." Desert Invasion. Web. 25 July 2011. http://www.desertinvasion.us/info/background.html.

This article attempts to explain the reasoning behind the overpopulation of immigrants in the United States. An analysis on the enforcement techniques used is also provided. The facts on immigration also explain how immigrants affect the American citizens.

Bender-Baird, Kyla. "FAST FACT: Immigrant women made up approximately 12 percent of all women ithe United States in 2008." 17 December 2009. Web. 26 July 2011. http://www.ncrw.org/public-forum/real-deal-blog/fast-fact-immigrant-women-made-approximately-12-percent-all-women-united.

This short article focuses on female immigrants in the United States. Information is provided on the education of female immigrants. Bender-Baird also gives statistics on the population of female immigrants in the U.S.

“Fact Sheet 2010/2011." Refugee and Immigration Services. Web. 25 July 2011. http://www.ccmaine.org/docs/160.WhoisaRefugeeFY2011.pdf.

This document provides a clear, detailed definition of the term "refugee."  The process of a refugee's return is broken down, step by step.  The article shows what refugees endure when they resettle in their country.

Goodwin, Liz. "Gay Couples May Sue Government for Immigration Discrimination." 9 March 2011. Web. 26 July 2011. http://immigrationequalityactionfund.org/press/news/gay_couples_may_sue_government_for_immigration_discrimination/.

In this article, Goodwin points out the discrimination that gay couples face when trying to gain citizenship. She explains how a married heterosexual can sponsor his/her foreign-born spouse for citizenship, but a homosexual can't. Further details about a lawsuit against the federal government concerning this issue are also discussed.

"How the United States Immigration System Works: A Fact Sheet." Immigration Policy Center. 4 November 2010. Web. 26 July 2011. http://www.immigrationpolicy.org/just-facts/how-united-states-immigration-system-works-fact-sheet.

This article provides detailed information and statistics on different methods of receiving permanent resident status. Breaking down each component, the article explains the various types of Visas. The difficulty of obtaining these Visas is also explained.

"Illegal Immigrants Pros and Cons - What You Should Know." Illegal Immigration Statistics. 15 July 2010. Web. 26 July 2011. http://www.illegalimmigrationstatistics.org/tag/racial-discrimination/.

This article exposes the conservative view that America has on immigration. Using facts and statistics, America's support for Arizona's immigration laws is revealed. The information provided proves that America needs a drastic change now.

Littlefield, Lindsay. "Immigrants in the Workforce: Some Fast Facts." 9 Aug. 2005. Web. 25 July 2011. http://www.ncsl.org/default.aspx?tabid=13120.

This article provides quick statistics on immigrants. Present facts are given, as well as future projections. These facts provide a current standing of the immigration system/issue.

"Quick Facts." Colorado Alliance for Immigration Reform. Web. 25 July 2011. http://www.cairco.org/data/quick_facts.html.

This non-profit organization provides fast facts about immigration, given from the U.S. Census Bureau. Detailed in information, the CAIR breaks down the facts into subtopics (e.g. public growth, traffic, water, etc.), and supports ideas with startling statistics. Predictions about the future are also given, which is why action needs to be taken.

"Sexual Orientation and Immigration: The Basics." Lambda Legal. Web. 25 July 2011. http://www.lambdalegal.org/our-work/publications/so-immigration.html.

This article explains how same-sex couples immigrate to escape the ostracism and discrimination that may be found in their homeland. Basic facts on how they obtain legal status and Visas are provided. This article shows that there are a variety of reasons why one or some may immigrate to another country.