Secondary and primary resources were utilized when conducting research. The majority of secondary resources were obtained from the web while primary resources mainly consisted of survey responses and interviews. Each source was appropriately cited in order to give credit to the provider of the information. The majority of the written content was enriched by the personal insight of each team member, so each team member's knowledge was incorporated in the content. Citations are organized by topic. Sources are organized into secondary text sources, primary text sources, and image sources. 

Please note: the logo was created by the team, and the navigation bars were customized by the team by means of HTML. Images that were not cited were personally taken by the team. Moreover, the identity of people who shared their stories in "The Lost Diaries" was concealed. Also, the last names of people who were interviewed were not provided in order to be safe. Moreover, quotes were obtained from BrainyQuote, and all title graphics were created by the team.

We obtained the image on our home page from the following site (secondary source): 

"Immigration."  Trumansburg Central School District. September 2009. Web. 5 August 2011.