Laws and restrictions are needed within immigration like everything else, in order for the country to function properly. If there were no rules to follow, the country would fall into chaos. However, like every other system, the immigration system has its flaws; it is not perfect. There are many laws that are questionable and absurd, yet they need to be followed. Laws and restrictions are especially needed in immigration to keep the population in a country somewhat controlled. If there were no guidelines to follow, developed countries would quickly overflow; this would lead to fewer jobs and a lack of opportunities. It would also create a larger and tougher competition which could lead to unemployment. 
Restrictions are needed to keep countries in check and balanced. However, this does not mean that the laws that are currently in place are the right ones or that they are being handled properly. There is a lot of corruption within the government even though people do not want to recognize it. The government has to find a better way to run the system instead of basing it around power and bias.

The United States government has a set of immigration enforcement laws, which are found under the Department of Homeland Security. The Department of Homeland Security is broken down into several different branches.