Many wonder why immigration is so important and why people make a big deal about it. What many people do not realize is that without immigration the society in which they live in would not be the same or function as well as it does. From the start
immigrants have been a significant part to the American Society. America was founded and raised by immigrants, it was built by their hard work and dedication. Without immigrants the United States would not be what it is today. Yet, many of the American population seems to forget the important roles immigrants play in their every day lives. Without immigrants who would do the backbreaking, unwanted jobs? A lot of the American society has developed a bad perception on immigrants especially about the illegal immigrants. They only see the "negativity" of it instead of recognizing all the contributions each and everyone of these immigrants make. Instead of looking at the whole picture they pick a small section of it and ignore the rest (Ahmed).

Immigrants play a huge role in the American Society whether one wants to admit it or not. Immigrants are the ones who pick the vegetables and fruits one eats everyday. Immigrants are the ones working out in the hot sun for hours in fields, construction sites, and peoples yards. They are the ones waking up at early hours in the morning and coming home extremely late, to be payed at minimum  wage or less. They are the ones keeping schools, hospitals, offices and other public places clean. They are the ones that work behind the scenes and get very little or no recognition. What would happen if these immigrants were to cut from this cycle? Take California for example with its large Latino population, if they were to be taken out of the state and sent back to their countries California's economy would collapse. There would be no one to pick the oranges, groceries would lose profit, schools and hospital would be dirty, restaurants would close down and streets would flooded with trash (Franz).

Another great aspect that immigrants add to society is the diversity and culture they bring with them. Having different types of people helps society be more accepting and open minded. Even though not everyone reacts the same, countries with a large influx of immigrants are more tolerant then those that lack variety.