Although the laws that are set down and are supposed to be fair and equal, they never actually work the way they are meant to. Government and states bend these laws or create new ones that contradict the nation's Constitution, which gives everyone, "Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness." These laws have been changed and tweaked numerous times. One would like to think that this practice is no longer in use, but that is not the case. There is a large population that feels the need to get rid of all "illegal immigrants", because they see them as criminals instead of a help to society.

Recently, there have been a number of anti-immigration laws that have been passed by several states. Many of these states are strongly against illegal immigration and see it as a problem in their states. However, these laws are allowing racial profiling to be legal. These obstacles being set create bigger barriers in the daily lives of undocumented foreigners, making it more difficult to find jobs, homes, and in some cases even marriage allowances. 

Arizona and Alabama are two of the states which have passed demanding anti-immigration laws. Arizona was one of the first to pass such a strict law. The law is to search and check the immigration status of all individuals living there. If an individual lacks proper documentation, he is considered to have committed a crime and is to be deported back to his country. 
Authorities have the ability to stop and search anyone whom they suspect to be "illegal", simply by their appearance. This causes a particular problem within the Hispanic community, because a great majority see Hispanics as immigrants, while there are plenty of other nationalities (Mirchandani). Recently, Alabama has followed a similar initiative towards immigration to that of Arizona's. They passed a law that will become in affect as of September 1st, 2011; this law will prevent for any illegal immigrant from attending a public school, making it the school's duty to check to see if they have illegal students. Also, employers must not hire any undocumented workers. If any of these rules are broken and the state finds out that an individual is helping out an illegal immigrant, he will be charged with crime (Gallacher)

These unnecessary laws make the society harder to live in. Laws, i.e. anti-immigration laws, cause problems and invite prejudice and racism back into the United States. These states seem to only see the negative aspects that undocumented immigrants bring or simply picture them as problematic and attach a label to them. These states will soon realize that without the help of these individuals, their economical system will fall apart.