Immigration is not a process that has a beginning or end. The causes have stewed in history long before they caused anything. The effects can crawl beneath the skin of the people for years before they are taken care of or simply become a part of the bottomless pit full of issues that society has yet to correct.               

There was a point at which people were free to go where they wanted, restricted only by land. As civilizations on the earth have progressed, the people’s unwillingness to change led to xenophobia, a fear of foreigners. As time progressed, those in power could keep out whoever they wanted, resulting in with ridiculous and immoral regulations on people’s movement. As the face of humanity constantly changes, so does the way institutions restrict people and the way people react to those restrictions. Particularly in America, immigration has been a huge push-pull battle between the people and the powers. Has our society progressed to a point at which we might begin to deal with difficult decisions with morality and logic rather than ulterior motives? Or are we still stuck in the same cycle of hate and separation that has thrown thousands of people into dysfunction?
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