My name is Rosendo, and I am one energetic individual. This is my second year participating in TRIO ThinkQuest, and also my last year. 
I am an aspiring surgeon, dreamer, and Pokemon Master. I just tend to make situations seem more awkward than they usually are. I admit that I am not that interesting; sometimes, I just wish I was more popular. Everything seems like a popularity contest to me. Yet, losing just motivates me to work harder. It is simply amazing how the bothersome things can end up guiding me through life. I am currently a Senior, and I am graduating next June. I am kind of nervous to start living a life where I am independent, but everyone eventually leaves and lives his own life. I have worked really hard these past few years, and this is not the time to give up on my dreams and aspirations. I will succeed! ThinkQuest has been one of the greatest experiences in my life. I had the opportunity to be published on the web as well as discover certain skills that I never knew I had. ThinkQuest allowed me to share my ideas with my classmates and my professors.
Last year, I served as the writer of the website entitled "Educational Innovation: The Revolution has Begun," but this year I am stepping up to the plate. I served as the Co-Captain and writer of the site. I love to write; it's a way to express my ideas and thoughts. I think that I effectively communicate my ideas through writing; Although I am a good writer, my writing needs some improvement. Nobody is perfect; everyone has a little flaw here and there. Using my experience in ThinkQuest, I supplied uplifting support and encouragement to my teammates. This allowed me to know my teammates, and thus a friendship and some sort of camaraderie developed among us. Despite the fact that we went through some stressful times, we supplied each other with laughter and frequent jokes involving frivolous events. 

The years I had at Upward Bound have been truly some of the most influential, motivating years in my life. I plan to utilize the skills that I learned through TRIO ThinkQuest in order to succeed in the future. It was fun getting to know them more, despite the fact that we only knew each other for a few days. Through ThinkQuest, my teammates and I have built a friendship that will last forever.