My name is Nick, and I live in the United States.  I am a member of the Upward Bound program and participate in ThinkQuest. I am a junior in high school and plan to study audio production and physics in college. Some of my interests are music, science, and travel. My lifetime goal is to change the world in a big and positive way by representing the truth in a new light and breaking down the barriers
established by our fears so that we can unite as one. Oh yeah... and pursue a big-time music career!
The topic of immigration is one that is very important to me. Immigration is a growing problem, and we must confront it now, so that the people of today have hope for tomorrow. I'm grateful to have an opportunity to speak out about this growing problem. Working as the webmaster in ThinkQuest has given me a great opportunity to work with people my age who have been directly affected by this issue. This has been a very positive experience for me.