Hello world! The name is Alex; I'm a teenage-girl, a daughter and a sister, a friend and a helper, an artist and a photographer, or in other words....I'm ME! :] I'm very optimistic and like to look at the bright side of things; I tend to look for the positive out of the negative and for a perfection out of a flaw.

I'm a rising senior who is still unaware of where I'm headed in life, I tend to go with the flow. This was my my second and last year of being a part of the Upward Bound Program, which also made it my second year designing a website for TrioThinkQuest. Last year's experience prepared me for the intense adventures we went through this year. However, this year I was picked as the team's captain. Never in my life had I ever taken the lead role in anything. I personally don't enjoy being the leader; I consider myself a follower. But I proved myself wrong and mananged to pull the team through this experience. I'm now more confident in myself, and I have grown tremendously. I'm still a little shaky when it comes to expressing myself through words, but compared to where I started I'm miles a head.

I had a great connection with the topic of our site this year on immigration. I myself am a first generation immigrant. I moved to United States at the age of 7. My dad had been here before us, We moved because of his job and the lack of his presence. He wanted to keep our family together and provide us with the best he could. This topic definitively affected me, and I learned so much more. Hopefully, with our site we will be able to inspire others to make a move towards and not from immigration reform.