What is immigration? What are the components of the immigration system that make immigration such a big issue? What do immigrants have to do to gain their freedom? These are just some of the many questions that are analyzed and answered by the Immigration Squad. Immigration is vital to the evolution of nations, the diffusion of cultures, and the fulfillment of dreams in countless lives. Immigration has led to the diversity and the advancements of many nations, including America. However, the idea of immigration has become a topic of debate, hatred, and racism. It is both a real-world issue that needs to be addressed, and, through A Petit Mundo, will be explored and given a solution to catalyze action and reform, both nationwide and worldwide.

From original drawings and photos to personal testimonies, A Petit Mundo is unique in the way that it combines analytic facts with insightful stories to both educate the viewers and cause them to stand up and take notice. Primary research was conducted via personal interviews of fellow classmates, families, and friends of the Immigration Squad. Plenty of multimedia was provided, including talking cartoons, video interviews, stories, surveys, and "message" videos, which will help viewers see from the perspective of immigrants, stimulating the drive to become activists for immigration reform.

Alex, the captain, Rosendo, the co-captain/writer, Shannon, the researcher, and Nick, the webmaster, have all been affected by immigration. The creation of A Petit Mundo has been both a positive and moving experience. Being able to use the Internet as a portal to raise awareness and impact the world has been very inspiring and motivating. The purpose of educating the people has been fulfilled. It's an opportunity that will not be forgotten.