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Immigration laws and policies create various problems that need to be addressed. Not many people are circumspect of the problems and difficulties that arise in the lives of immigrants. Thus, they deem immigration as a harmful entity towards the well-being of society. Immigration is a worldwide issue. Every immigration system around the world has its flaws, whether they are trivial or absurd and intolerable. However, immigration issues are especially evident in the United States of America. American society consists of a variety of immigration groups which greatly increases its diversity. However, immigrants are constantly being underrepresented. Immigration reform is anxiously needed for the dreams and aspirations of many immigrants who are in jeopardy. 
Immigration is vital to the evolution of nations, the diffusion of cultures and ideas, and the fulfillment of dreams in countless lives.

The purpose of our site is to move the general public into the light of immigration and bring about a positive change in the system. By utilizing primary sources, secondary sources, and our own insight, our website effectively reveals the history, causes, problems, and benefits of immigration with a main focus on the United States. We not only researched reliable sources but also conducted personal interviews which supported our views on the immigration issue.

Our general audience consists of people from all ethnicities, ages, and backgrounds. However, our site is specifically aimed at young adults, primarily because they hold the key to the future. We present the information in a specific manner in order to provide a better understanding about immigration. We want our audience to become aware of the reasons why immigrants relocate and the many hardships that they encounter. We hope that our site will motivate individuals to provide underrepresented immigrants with uplifting encouragement, acceptance, and support. 

Our website title, "A Petit Mundo," consists of three languages: English, French, and Spanish; it translates to "A Small World" in English. It portrays the diversity that exists in the world, and that unity is vital towards formulating a solution that would spark a positive change in the current immigration system.