Towpath District Scouting for Food 2018

UPDATED 2/18/18

March 17, 2018 Bag and Tag Drop-off, March 24, 2018 Bag Pick-up and collection site sorting.

Greetings Towpath District!

Here is your latest SFF update. 

·        Dates: March 17 – Distribute bags to neighborhoods, March 24 bag pick up and deliver to collection site. This year there is ONE collection site, Perinton DPW garage 100 Cobbs Lane, Perinton NY. See map link's+Ln,+Fairport,+NY+14450/@43.092598,-77.4243026,17z/data=!3m1!4b1!4m5!3m4!1s0x89d132d5b76448f7:0xb0b924a46c7ffbe6!8m2!3d43.092598!4d-77.4221139

·        Here are the units who have signed up so far! Thank you for your support! There are still units I have not heard from. Please see your way to signing up for this worthwhile event! 30 units so far!!

Yes or No Unit Type Unit No
Yes Tops Perinton  Pack 362
yes Tops Brighton Pack 65
yes  Pack 273
yes  Troop 273
yes Pack 2
yes Pack 67
yes Troop 77
yes Pack 105
yes Troop 136
yes Pack 152
yes Pack 171
yes Troop 171
yes Troop 207
yes Troop 207
yes Troop 208
yes Troop 209
yes Troop 273
yes Pack 291
yes Pack 299
yes Troop/Crew 325
yes Troop 336
yes Pack 341
yes Pack 469
yes Troop 469
yes Pack 483
yes Troop 483
yes Pack 484
yes Troop 484
yes GS  
yes Pittsford Girl Scouts  
yes Pack 225
yes Troop 129
yes Troop 167
? Troop 3
? Pack 10
? Troop 10
? Troop 152
? Troop 167
? Pack 315
? Troop 341

·       We will NOT have door tags this year. Our Council Committee is working on an alternative. Basically a sheet of paper with instructions for the home owner that will need to be inserted into every bag, stapled to every bag or rubber banded along with the bag to doors in the neighborhood. We apologize for this extra work but unfortunately we were unable to find sponsors to print the door tags. Council may be able to print enough for all units but we may be asking units to make extra copies.·        

Bags, Maps and other information should be available by the end of February. Units can pick up their materials on February 28 or March 1 between 6:30 PM and 8:30 PM at the Tops parking lot in Perinton, NY. Look for my black Chevy pick-up with the cap parked under the lights toward the back of the parking lot!,-77.4407866,17z/data=!3m1!4b1!4m5!3m4!1s0x89d13311b8cb0b59:0xcf71a0c246ec304c!8m2!3d43.071047!4d-77.4385979

·        As mentioned on earlier emails we will not have lawn signs this year. Another result of a lack of sponsors. I hope your unit was able to save a sign or 2 from last year. Please check with your membership to see if anyone has a lawn sign to use. In the past, before lawn signs, units would construct their own signs (like a sandwich board type of sign) or old campaign signs. Do what you can with what you have.

·        Documents for your use can be found on the links and Docs page:

o   SFF Leaders Guide – This guide will give you step by step guidance on SFF. From the distributing of bags to the pickup and drop off at the collection site. PLEASE take time to read this over. It also has contact information for the Council.

o   SFF Tops Leaders Guide – For those units staffing our 2 Tops stores. Please review for any changes from last year.

o   SFF Unit Participation Form – Please fill this out and drop off at the Collection site on March 24.

o   SFF Drivers Pick Up Sign – For your use on vehicles driving around neighborhoods

o   How To Report Your Community Service Hours – This year you will receive a discount on SFF Patches when you report your service hours on line. Just attach a print out of your online report to the patch order form (coming soon) when you send it in to the Council office.

o   Patch order form .

·        Please visit the Towpath Scouting for Food website for up to date information.

·        If you have any questions PLEASE let me know

·        Thank you for your service to Scouting!


Dan DiGiacomandrea

Seneca Waterways Council

Towpath District Scouting For Food Coordinator

68 Chadwick Manor

Fairport, NY 14450


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