About Us

Takoma Plays! works towards a community where young and old safely enjoy outdoor and indoor play as a regular part of their lives. Such play will increase physical health, mental health and a sense of well-being -- all the while forging stronger ties between diverse community members.

Takoma Plays! (then called the Takoma Park Play Committee) was formed early in 2009 when tennis coach Pat Rumbaugh contacted the web site Kaboom! to learn more about what she could do to promote play in the city of Takoma Park.  The good people at Kaboom! suggested that she invite people, including Mayor Bruce Williams, to form a group.
Pat followed up on Kaboom's suggestion, and Mayor Bruce Williams readily agreed to join the committee and be a supporter of play within the city of Takoma Park.  Another early ally was children's librarian Karen MacPherson, who supported the idea of the group and encouraged Pat to continue working on her book about play.

Takoma Plays! supports indoor and outdoor play for all generations.  We've organized events including the Mid Winter Play Day 2011, our annual Fall Play Day (2009/2010), traveling playgroups during the summers of 2010 and 2011, and the annual fourth of July Picnic, Play and Parade Watches.
Takoma Plays! includes people of all ages -- high school students, college students, parents with kids, seniors, as well as others in our community who value play. And yes, we laugh a lot at our meetings!  Please come join us.  You can volunteer as much or as little time as you'd like. We currently meet about once a month, generally on the second Wednesday from 7:30 - 9:00 p.m.  We stay in touch via email, too.  For further information contact Pat Rumbaugh at pattenn58@aol.com or by phone at (301) 928-9962.


Pat Rumbaugh, Founder
Pat has been a physical education teacher and tennis coach at Washington International School for over 25 years. Always believing in the importance of play, she has in recent years researched play and promoted it in the community. She was named Play Maker of the month by KaBoom in 2010 and received a Takoma Park Mentor Award in 2011 for encouraging adults and kids to play. Pat is currently working on a children's book about play. See an interview with Pat at takomapark.patch.com.

Mary Hanisco, Director
Mary is a textbook editor and writer who is currently at home with her young kids. She is happiest when she's outdoors but loves board games too. One of her contributions to Takoma Plays was the highly successful Traveling Playgroups, which took place in the summer of 2010, where families visited parks all over Takoma Park to play together. This helped introduce families to parks they might not otherwise be aware of.

Phil Shapiro, Tech Person and General Supporter
Phil became a play proponent when his childhood friend, Bruce Jordan, taught him that it's far more fun to invent your own games than to play existing games. He tries to incorporate play in as many ways as possible in his job as Public Geek at the Takoma Park Maryland Library. He believes play is the the flip side of creativity and that creativity is the flip side of everything. He is grateful that Google's free service, Google Sites, allows Takoma Plays to have an elegant and informative presence on the web. Phil's mom and dad encouraged outdoor play and often took the family on hikes. For her 65th birthday, his mom climbed a small mountain in Massachusetts -- step by step beside her young grandchildren.