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Sadly, TPP is over now, but it was fun playing with you while it lasted. I hope we get together again someday. <3



  • A+X is good. When we're trying to do something precise, it can help to open the menu. Doing so will absorb lag inputs and give everyone a chance to input correct commands instead. This tactic has been very successful in the past. When you wish to close the menu, please use B or X singly.

  • B+direction makes us overshoot. Running is fine when we're on long straight paths or grinding, but if we're trying to get through a door or other small opening, running decreases odds of success. Please reserve your b+direction spam for appropriate situations.

  • Don't tell people not to do something.┬áIt makes them want to do it. (Elite_Tookis)

  • Refresh your stream. The longer you watch the stream, the more lag you accumulate. You can correct this by either refreshing the stream page or by pressing pause, then play to restart the video.


  • Chat Filter: Filters out commands and unwanted spam based on your personal settings.

  • Touchscreen Controller: Puts a clickable overlay on top of the DS's bottom screen. When you click it, it will put the coordinates of your click in the chat box, with an option to autosend. (Meiguro)

  • TPP Commands: Allows you to type simple commands like "att1" into the chat in order to tap the screen at the appropriate location. These coordinates were carefully selected by Dr_Clipper and Dracyoshi. Please read this infographic for a full explanation on precise coordinates. (Electricnet)

Pokemon Stadium Gambling:

  • Everyone starts with 1000 imaginary money. In between matches, you can bet on which team you think will win the following match. "!bet 100 red" will place 100 money on the red team. You may not decrease this bet or change teams, but you may increase it. If you win the bet, the amount you'll receive is determined by the ratio of how much total money was put on each team. You'll never lose more than you bet, and you'll always receive at least as much as you bet when you win. Your funds cannot drop below 100 money, so feel free to go all-in without fear of being put out of the game!

  • Spoon_Rhythm's Guide to Stadium Betting Part 1
  • Spoon_Rhythm's Guide to Stadium Betting Part 2


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