Scored Kitchen Cabinets from Craigslist!

posted Dec 5, 2010, 6:37 PM by Roxane Johnson De Lear   [ updated Dec 5, 2010, 7:00 PM ]
Today was my lucky day with Craigslist. You know, sometimes you answer several ads and you may never hear back from the owner of the ad or you might hear back that the item is sold. This morning I got the news that I could come look at the cabinets. I stopped at the bank just in case. The cabinets were clean and nearly new and in stored in the finished basement of a house in Milton-a suburb of Boston, about 5 miles south of JP.
Kim was there to meet me. She is a professional "de-clutterer, organizer" for people. She helps people sell stuff-like a real estate agent for stuff rather than property or houses. She was very nice. The owner was asking 800. I asked if she would take less. She made a phone call to the owner, and the owner said I could have them for 700 dollars. Great news! I just had to ask. So I gave her 350 cash and brought the 3 top cabinets home in my Prius and tonight Gill and I each took our cars and brought home the rest of the cabinets. I'm really thrilled. These cabinets will work with the space I have, are simple, and will fit in fine with the cottage life. My favorite kitchen that I aspire to have, actually has black cabinets. I'll post those photos below. This is from a house that was remodeled in New hampshire by and architect/designer husband and wife team. I've been reading that india ink is the best thing to use to make cabinets and furniture black if you still want to see the grain of the wood. I may test a little area to see how these new cabinets would look if they were black!

Kitchen cabinets scored from Craigslist

My dream kitchen: