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Welcome to the TP Mayhem News page:
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Buried somewhere in all the data are the gems

TP 6.8 is out and includes VDB and other great stuff!
    A new frontier opens... prepare for adventure!  ;)

"We don't know what we don't know yet..."

2017 11 10 - FastCutter Teaser Video

FastCutter is an artistic mesh-cutting tool for 3ds Max that works very well with Cebas' Thinking Particles... learn more here

2017 10 10 - Free ScriptOp "TwoVecAlignment"

This free script operator creates an Alignment using two directions and is very handy for controlling alignment on deforming surfaces.  Go here to learn more...

2017 10 02 - New M3D Blackboxes Pack 1

    In TP 4 we supplied Cebas with some "m3d_" BlackBoxes (BB) to distribute with TP.  We have now prepared a new "Pack 1" to replace those old BBs.  There will be at least one more "Pack" coming soon with additional BBs.  Go here to learn more...

2017 09 21 - Site Launch

    The site is launched!  Our goal is to provide excellent technical knowledge, tools, training, and more for TP artists around the world.  
    Yes, the "art" on this site is lacking intentionally.  We want to focus on quality information.  Art may come later.
    Currently preparing more blackboxes & scriptOps for public release... stay tuned!