Configure system time of Wi-Fi Routers

System time or wifi router time have to be correct for tplink wifi router device only then you can make the wireless settings for your devices. When you have tplink wifi router device, you can easily get wireless settings for your devices. When you have make login for tp link

page, you can change the wireless settings for your device. When you have wrong time settings for your tplink wifi router device, you must change these time settings as soon as possible.

Here are Steps to Change System Time for TP-Link Router Devices

1.     Connect tplink wifi router to a computer system and then you can provide power supply to your tplink wifi router and computer.

2.     After that you can fill tp link to the address bar. This web address will allow you to make access for your tplink router settings page.

3.     After that when you get the login page, fill tplink wifi router login user name and password.tplink N router as a wireless access point.

4.     When you fill correct login user name and password for your device access, you can get the main menu for your device.

5.     Click on “Advanced” button from the main setup page.

6.     After that click on “System Tools” button.

7.     At the end you can click on “Time Settings” button.

8.     Change the time settings for your device and select time according to your local time settings.

9.     Change the date settings for device you are using.

10.                        After that change NTP server 1 and server 2 settings.

11.                        Click on “Save” button.

These are steps to make tplink wifi router time settings from a computer device. you can also change your router time settings from tplink tether application. You can use this application for android and iOS devices.