Sharks -   Sharks live in the ocean. They do not have any bones. Sharks have really good hearingThey can hear a fish in the water from more than a mile away.   

 A shark can go  without eating for a long time. They can store food in their body just like a camel. 

JellyfishJellyfish eat fish. They sting fish with their tentacles. Some jellyfish grow bigger than humans. 

People in some countries like to eat jellyfish. Jellyfish do not have a brain. Jellyfish only live one year.

Seahorse - 
Seahorses are fish. They have rough skin. Seahorses swim very slowly. Seahorses can change their color to hide from enemies. Baby seahorses are born from their dad, not their mom. Seahorses do not have a stomach. They must eat all the time.