Wireless Internet Access

Sandra Coles BellWe now have free wi-fi available We use a fast Internet connection provided by RCN as a gift to the users of our computer center and library.

It works in the rotunda area of the computer center, in the lobby of the main building and in the library. In the library the best spots are the reference room and the tables in the adult reading room, but the signal in the library is spotty and varies from day to day.  You are much more likely to get a strong signal in the computer center because the antenna is located there.

If you have a appropriate wireless connection card, just turn your computer on and it should one or more networks.

You can print, for 20 cents / page, if you are connected to the TPlibrary signal. Just connect to our wireless printout service.  Note: only certain standard file types can be printed directly.  If yours won't print, use the copy and paste option.  Directions are available on the tables in the library.

There are no guarantees of privacy, reliability, or performance. It is unsecured, so please, never transmit any private information when you are using it (including credit card information).

We cannot help configure your computer or provide any sort of technical assistance. But if you have ever done this before, you already know how to connect.

And remember - not only is there no virus protection, the system may be monitored, and other users may be looking at your Facebook and Twitter passwords. So take care!