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poem for a grandson

(This poem was written by a Chuck Kimble, a senior using the computers
in our senior room. Reprinted with his permission on our blog.)

Ode on a Fourteenth Birthday

Let's give a cheer,
And clash the cymbals,
As we tell of BRIAN Carpenter -
One of the Kimbles.
On the soccer field,
He's exceedingly nimble.
On the courts of tennis,
He's quite a menace.
As a stand-up in the comedy lubs,
His punch lines he never flubs.
By age he's in the group called juveniles,
As a scholar he's in the upper percentiles.
When it comes to games, he's no fool.
So we say, like man, he's really cool.
And we recall, that with the bow and arrow,
His aim was always true and narrow.
Let's not forget that he plays the oboe,
And hits all the notes both high and low.
But of greatest importance ---
In his family, Brian is loved by one and all!

        c.c. kimble/grandpaw