log out

Logging Out

When you leave a station you must log out.  You do not lose any time - if you want to return you can log in again from any available station on any of the Userful computers and you will have the full remaining time.

We cannot reserve stations for people who have left the room, so save what you need before logging out and just pick your work up again on any unused station on your return.

Danger to files:  If you are using a USB device and remove it before logging out, you may damage your files or the device.  (This includes floppies, audio plugs, USB flash drives, cameras, etc.)

What is the inactivity automatic log out ?

To protect people who forget to log-out,  the station will automatically log out after a few minutes of inactivity.   This should be as short as possible to prevent unauthorized use of your account (by spammers, pornographers, etc.) and to protect your privacy.   You can choose the exact number of minutes at log-on, but please keep it just long enough to be able to read an e-mail message or proofread your resume without having to wiggle the mouse regularly.

If you actually need to leave the room it would be very dangerous to depend on this inactivity time-out.   Log-out.

In fact, when we look at the use records we see very few inactivity time-outs - most people are either logging out properly (good) or others are taking over their open accounts (bad and dangerous)..