time and session limits

Library Cards

You are limited to 3 sessions or 2 hours per day, whichever comes first.   As sessions in the library are limited to only 20 minutes, you must be careful not to use them all there if you want to get two hours total.  And you may be asked to limit yourself to only one session in the library if we are crowded.

Senior room sessions or hours do not count against this total.  (People who are 55 or older can also log on for 3 sessions/2 hours in the senior room)

Guest Cards

Guest cards are available for purchase in the library.  They cost $5 for 2 hours of total log-on time.  Each card is good for one year and the two hours can be spread over as many sessions as desired.

FAQ on Time Limits

What happens if we have to ask you to move to a different work station or if you have to go home for some reason and return later? Your time will resume where you left off, but you will lose one of the 3 sessions.

Are there any time penalties? If you do not log off the work station and instead leave a session open to anyone, you may be docked some time when you next log on. Logging off is essential for fair sharing of the work stations, and it is very important for your own safety too. If you just leave a work station open to anyone, all sorts of things might be done in your name, and you will be held accountable as you are the user of record.

What happens if you use a  twenty minute session? You still have time to use at another station.  (Unless you have used up your 3 sessions.)

What happens at the end of the day? Your time allotment is shortened accordingly. If you log on only 20 min before closing you will have only 20 minutes.

What if you finish before your time has expired? You must log off. Otherwise someone else might continue your session and you could find yourself in real trouble. Look for the little exit icon on the lower right corner of your screen.

Is my time allowance reset when the rooms open, or every 24 hours? Actually the time period  is set for 12 hours.  You have 2 hours within a 12 hour period.  This means it is effectively reset every morning.  This may not apply to senior room log-ins which are controlled separately.  They seem to  be using a 24 hour period.

FAQ on Session Limits

If I use up my 3 sessions can I get more? No.  We have no way to give you additional sessions.  You can buy a guest card if you have an ID with you.

Can I suspend my session if I need to take a short break?   Yes.  The timer will keep ticking down, but no one else can get at your open files.

  • Click on the large green button with a white design in the lower left hand corner.
  • Click Lock Station (it is near the bottom of the list and has a picture of a padlock).
  • Choose a short password, anything you want as long as you can remember it. 
  • Now the station is locked until you return and re-enter the password to resume your session.  Remember, the timer kept subtracting time while you were gone.

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