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Montgomery Blair High School
You can use your library card to get all sorts of infomation online:
eLibrary for newspaper articles and reference sources
Ebsco MasterFile for all sorts of magazine articles, hundreds of thousands of them
Info to Go
Issues and Controversies
and books !

Your school web site
Montgomery Blair High School

Online Resources provided by MCPS or Blair.
You have access to many online subscription databases, but you need to get a user name and password from your school media specialist. We would appreciate help from a Blair student - testing the subscription databases to see what does, or does not, work on these Linux computers.

Important Web Sites:

Citation Format:
Get your user name and password for noodlebib. That will help you automatically general citations in APA or MLA format. If you don't have log-in information for noodlebib, use Citation Machine which is free for everyone.
Guess what. Different styles are used in different disciplines and we don't know what your teachers want. Ask them. Here are some of the most common.

  1. Good basic guide that even covers documents such as e-mail messages or list-serv posts
  2. Columbia University Press basic guide
  3. APA format for citing web resources with examples. APA format list pdf
  4. MLA format for citing web resources with examples. MLA format list pdf
  5. Turabian style.
  6. and ... there are developing international standards.

Blair student wiki pages

Blair teacher wiki pages