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senior room

Senior Room

The Senior Room in the Community Center is gorgeous with a huge window and lots of sunlight. Our hope is that this meeting space will bring together Seniors in new ways to enjoy each other's company and to expand their social, recreational and intellectual interests. Hours are currently 2-8 Monday through Friday, 12-6 on Saturdays, 2-6 on Sundays.  (If library staff are available to unlock the room for you.)

computer stations in the senior room
We have four computer stations with high speed Internet and a color laser printer available exclusively for Seniors to learn and use. We also offer [classes|computer instruction] and help in room A..


  • The computer in this room is to be used only by seniors, 55+.
  • Printing should be limited to relatively small files, certainly nothing bigger than 5 pages.
  • If you need help, please go work in  [rooms|room A] where library staff are available to assist. 

We  have scanners at each work station in the senior room so that people who use those computer stations don't need to type in their card numbers, they can just pass their cards in front of the scanners.

And a reminder - We have all sorts of activities in the senior room, not just computers. Carol in her prize winning hat.