Introduction to our various rooms

Our computers are located in five rooms: a large room of public use computers; a smaller room of public use computers; the media area of the library; a senior room; an audio/video room.

Room ARoom BSeniorLibrary
Groupsyes (two)*nonetwonone
Usersage 8+age 8+age 55+age 8+

* Moderate noise means not loud enough to disturb other people.
* All people at a computer station need to be able to show us their valid library cards,  groups are allowed only at the discretion of the staff member on duty, and only on the free standing computer, not on the stations along the far wall.

  • If you have a question about how to use these computers and applications, ask the staff person in room A for help. Do not ask the staff in the library. Please do not ask the room A staff person to go to room B, the senior room or the library.
  • If you have a reference question, if you need to find information, ask the librarians for help, not the staff in room A.

Room A: The larger room of public use computers can be used by small working groups of two or by staff members assisting computer users.
Are you a beginner? You may need some help so you should probably work here
Do you want to use your cell phone? This is the only room where that is acceptable.
Do you like a bit of conversation. This is the place.
Need a wheel-chair accessible work station? It is here.
You will share a coin-operated printer.
Please note: from three to six pm use of this room may be restricted to school age children.
This is the only room where you can get computer help from a library staff member.

Room B: The smaller room of public use computers is intended for experienced users and people who need quiet.
Do you need to take an exam online? You should work here.
Do you need to write a resume? You should work here unless you need word processing tutoring.
Do you need to fill out registrations, financial aid applications, or job forms? Work here.
Do you need a computer just for e-mail and you know what you are doing? Work here.
You will share a coin-operated printer with the other users of this room.
Please note: from three to six pm use of this room may be restricted to adults.
No help is available.

Library: The work stations in the library are intended for the use of people who are doing research.
Need help with your quest? Ask a librarian, who might even suggest a book.
Need help with your resume or e-mail? You would do better in the larger public use room where the staff are more likely to have those skills.
You must collect any printed pages from the library staff and pay them directly.
This is where you can get reference advice, not computer help, from a librarian

Senior Room: Are you a member of the Senior Program? There are four workstations in your room for participants only. No one else may use them, though you are certainly welcome to use the stations in any room you prefer.
Please note: at all times use is restricted to adults 50 years old or older.
No staff help is available. Volunteers may be able to assist you.

All these four rooms have the same type of Linux systems and software. The media room is quite different and contains specialized equipment. Please see the rec department for details about the use of that room.

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