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writing letters

Writing letters and other documents using OpenOffice Write

There are templates available. They will help you format your document so that it looks good. Here is how you use them:

  1. Minimize this browser and look at the desktop.
  2. Find the folder labeled station X's documents.
  3. Open it, then open the template subfolder.
  4. Double click on the template you want. A read-only copy will open.
  5. Once it is open in OpenOffice, choose file/save as.
  6. Save it under the name of your choice to the desktop or to your floppy or flash drive.
  7. You can then edit this copy you saved.

Additional templates are available if you are willing to edit them a bit and then store for later use. Open Open Office and choose file/wizards then letter, fax or agenda.

You need some examples of content?

Online, fill-in-the-blank tools?

But first you might want to see some good, basic advice.

Please remember to save your work frequently. Preferably in at least two places such as on a [usbflash|flash drive] and in an [online storage|online folder].

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