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We now have both OpenOffice 2 and OpenOffice 3 on all the Linux machines.

For word processing, spreadsheets, slide shows, and the like you will be using the excellent  OpenOffice programs. They will read your various Microsoft Office© documents and will write in the same format.  (OpenOffice 3 will even handle docx)

Several instruction manuals are located in the library on the shelf over the computers or, if you are in the larger public access room, you can ask the staff member on duty for a quick lesson.

This software is very powerful, and if you like it and want to use it at home, you can download it yourself or go to the library and ask for a free copy.

See also [Write] | [Calc] | [Impress] | [drawing|Draw] | [Base] | [Math] | [software|other software]

OpenOffice (Spanish)

Estamos encantados de informarle que  ahora tenemos OpenOffice 2 y 3 en todas las computadoras operativas por Linux.

Para procesamiento de textos, hojas de cálculo, deslices de exposición, y del igual, usted estará utilizando las mejores aplicaciones de OpenOffice. Ellas leerán sus varios documentos de Microsoft Office© y se lo escribirán en el mismo formato.

Varios manuales de instrucción estan localizados en la biblioteca en el estante sobre las computadoras o si se encuentra en el cuarto grande de acceso público, usted puede preguntarle al empleado de turno para una lección breve. Este software es muy poderoso, y si a usted le gusta y quiere utilizarlo en casa, puede descargarlo usted mismo via la internet o vaya a la biblioteca y pida un ejemplar gratuito.

Vea también:  [Write|Escribir] | [Calc] | [Impress|Impresionar ] | [drawing|Dibujar] | [Base] | [Math|Matemáticas] | [software|Otros software]          

OpenOffice Problems, Solutions and Resources

Write is crashing.

  1. Do not log out.
  2. Find the Exit button at the bottom of the file menu that has been left behind on your screen.  Exit.
  3. Start the word processor up again and it will give you a chance to recover your documents.  Accept the kind offer.
  4. And please remember - it is best to save your work to the desktop and keep dragging onto various storage devices such as a floppy, a USB, an online briefcase, etc.

OpenOffice Reference Books at the Takoma Park Maryland Library

R-COMP 005.369 OPENOFF, SAMS Teach Yourself All in One, SAMS Publishing, 2005.  (Covers OpenOffice 1.1)

R-COMP 005.369 OPENOFF, The Tiny Guide to, Hentzenwerke Publishing, 2004. (Covers OpenOffice 1.1)

R-COMP 005.369 OPENOFF, for Dummies, Wiley Publishing, 2004.  (Covers OpenOffice 1.1)

R-COMP, 005.369 OPENOFF, Writer: The Free Alternative to Microsoft Word, O'Reilly Community Press, 2004. (Covers OpenOffice 1.1)

OpenOffice Training on the Web

GCF Global Learning
(free tutorials for OpenOffice 1.x)
(author of OpenOffice books and
CD-ROM training materials)

OpenOffice Draw Tutorial (French)

OpenOffice Draw Tutorial Wikipedia

Using OpenOffice Draw to Create Labels

OpenOffice/StarOffice Workbooks for K-12 Students

StarOffice Writer 8 Classroom Activities E-Book


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