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Impress is the OpenOffice equivalent of PowerPoint. It reads and writes slideshows that are interchangable with those created in PowerPoint.


A tutorial created by a teacher for students (takes a while to load)
How to use OpenOffice Impress

As with Draw, you can export your work as flash.

How-to books for this and for the other OpenOffice applications can be found on the shelves over the library computer stations.

Questions and Answers from our user community

How do you print your pictures (slides)?

Choose "File ----- Print " and decide what slides you want to print.The default setting prints everything.

How do you put in photos?

Copy the picture file to memory from wherever it is located, then just paste onto a slide. You really should have the pictures in the same directory (folder) as your slide show. And if you give a copy of your slide show to someone you have to pass along the picture files.

How do you make a PowerPoint version?

Just save as in PowerPoint format. But to look good, you should use the plain white template.

How do you make a flash version?

Export as Macromedia Flash (swf)