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To access the program: start here / graphics / drawing
To get help: press F1 at any time
and please  consider  flickr for storage if you want to share your pictures with others.
image created with Draw see
Draw is essentially a vector graphics program. That means it is based on lines and shape, Geometry.

That is much more efficient than the other way of storing image information - raster graphics - which gives color instructions for each little sqare (or dot) in a big page of them.

Raster graphics are used for photos and you have a program for that too - GIMP. Vector graphics are used a lot in flash animations, computer generated images, and games.

note: always export your drawings as png if you want to post them somewhere. The default open office sxd file type can't be read on the web or by other graphics programs that expect a raster graphics image.

You needn't bother with that if you are creating an illustration for a slideshow. Just copy your image and paste it onto a slide in the Impress program.
how to use Draw to create a diagram
using Draw to make 3-D text NW
semi-official Draw guide (unfortunately an enormous pdf file) more of these

Some online tutorials:

Note 1: Draw will do most of what Adobe Illustrator can do.
Note 2:  You can draw from right inside Writer

Other drawing programs that may be installed on the computer (depends upon which machine you are using)

  • inkscape (also a vector graphics program)
  • tuxpaint (raster graphics, for kids)

Hints  and suggestions from staff members and our computer community

The links contributed by Alex M have unfortunately all disappeared.  That is the way the web works.

How to use Draw to get several pictures onto a single piece of paper :

Several community members have been inquiring how to print several graphics at once on a single piece of paper.  (Perhaps their own photos or graphics they collected from the Internet.)

The way to do that on our computers is to first assemble the graphics you want to print on the Userful desktop.  Graphics from the Internet can be saved onto the Userful desktop by right-clicking on the graphic.

The next step is to drag the graphics onto the Write icon on the left side of the Userful screen.  (The icon with the small pen on it.)  That will start and will put your graphics into the Draw program. You can then resize your graphics by clicking on it (to select it.)  While holding down the shift key on the keyboard, grab any of the four corners of the graphics and move the corner inwards towards the center of the graphics.

When you have the graphics the size you want it, you might want to move it around to position it where you want it.  To do that, click on the  middle of the graphics and draw it to the position you'd like it to be.

Repeat the above steps with other graphics you'd like to print on a single page of paper.  Our color laser printer prints gorgeous graphics. If you're smart, you can print several graphics on a single piece of paper -- all for 15 cents.

Once you've mastered this process, thanks for helping others in our community  learn the ropes.


Note from RJB - if you are assembling your pieces on the desktop, and that is a good idea, be sure you also save them to a USB drive, or upload them to google docs, before you are logged out.  Sometimes people lose all their work thinking anything saved on the desktop will still be there after the session times out. NO. All personal files are erased with every log out, whether it happens deliberately, because time is up, or when the station is left unattended.