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Calc is an electronic spreadsheet application.  You can save your work as an Excel file, if that is what you wish, or in open document format.  This latter works really well if you want to transfer spreadsheets in and out of Google docs. 

This is the perfect program to use for your science fair results.

Instructions (look for the table of contents to the right)

How-to books for this and for the other OpenOffice applications can be found on the shelves over the library computer stations.

A video tutorial in Spanish

Questions and Answers from our computer community

Hints and suggestions from staff members and our computer community

How can you print a spreadsheet without all the extra blank pages?

Answer: Use the mouse to select just the data you want to print and then when you reach the print dialogue box, choose Options from the bottom left of the dialogue box.  Make sure both of these check boxes are checked.

x Suppress output of empty pages
x Print only selected sheets

How can I print a spreadsheet in landscape (sideways) format?

You can print your spreadsheet in landscape format if you tell both OpenOffice and the printer driver software that you'd like to print in landscape format. First tell OpenOffice your landscape printing preferences by choosing Page from the Format menu. Then choose the Format tab. Then click on the landscape radio button.

To tell the printer driver to print in landscape choose Printer Settings from the File menu. Then click on Properties. Then choose landscape.

Notes: Today a teacher at a private school was working on a spreadsheet of her "scope and sequence" work plan. We tried printing out the spreadsheet in landscape layout, but it kept printing in portrait. It turns out that you need to do more than tell the printer that you want landscape layout -- you need to tell the spreadsheet software (OpenOffice Calc) that you want landscape layout. You can do that by choosing Page from the Format menu, and then choosing the Page tab.  You'll then see landscape layout as a radio button choice. -PS

Many students use our computer center to create spreadsheets for their science experiments.  They then automatically generate  bar graphs based on the data contained in the cells.  A common mistake students make is to include the unit measurements within their data cells.  Instead of having 7 cm in a spreadsheet cell, the cell should just have the number 7.  Units or measurement should be listed on the axes of the charts - not in the individual data cells. -PJS