Rooms A and B

Your print job will go to the computer against the wall in room A.  You may send as many pages as you wish to the printer, but they will not actually print until you have paid for them using the coin-vend unit next to the print computer.

Senior Room

You are allowed 5 free pages per session.  If you notice people printing more than that, please alert a staff member immediately.


Please remember that these stations are meant for reference work, not for printing your personal documents.  You are limited to 20 pages, you must pay for all of them, whether you want them or not, at the library desk.  A staff member will count and give you your pages.  

This is a small printer and the line is very crowded, everyone using wi-fi in the library is using the same signal as the printer. Avoid any sort of form or image file, since
pdf files or pictures can take 30 minutes or more to print.  Instead please go to rooms A or B if you want to print anything but a few pages of plain text.