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Be sure to choose Simplified Chinese from the drop-down menu before you log on.  Then as you write, just toggle it on and off with Ctrl-space bar.

我们为我们的规则的这恶劣的计算机翻译道歉。 我们希望它为了解是充足的。 英语版本跟随这个翻译。

请读规则。 我们想要保持设备安全和为大家提供一个宜人的环境。 点击在“受理”按钮手段您了解并且同意遵循这些规则。 如果您违背规则,您可以丢失权利一度使用这些计算机。

您必须有一个合法的Takoma公园马里兰图书证和标识号使用计算机。 您能可及卡片和数字图书馆。 与其他不要分享您的数字。

如果您比16年年轻,您只过滤了对互联网的通入。 如果您16年或更老,过滤是任意的。 如果您不可能访问某事您需要,请求职员人帮忙。

如果您比8年年轻,您不可以直接地使用计算机。 您能工作与使用一台计算机的父母或监护人。



越大规模计算机屋子为人想要工作在小小组,从职员人得到帮助,安静地谈话或使用便携式的电话。 如果您想要帮助或公司,请使用这个室。

更小的屋子是为不需要帮助,并且更喜欢沈默大气完成他们的工作的单独用户。 请帮助我们维护沉寂。

如果您需要搜寻对于信息的帮助我们在图书馆邀请您使用计算机。 专家的图书馆工作者在那里帮助您。

无论哪里您工作,喜欢读帮助页。 这些页有重要信息关于题目例如保存您工作和打印。 您在您的浏览器能通过点击发现页在家庭按钮。

请,您一定小心用设备。 食物或饮料在计算机中心不允许。

使用计算机室的所有人应该互相对待以尊敬。 请,没有破裂行为或虐待语言。

对计算机的所有用途一定是合法的。 不要送威胁的电子邮件。 服从版权法包括但不限于,法律关于录影,音乐、图象和其他登记的材料。 不要窜改与,不要复制,也不要改变网络系统、软件或者帐户。

不要显示也不要打印色情。 请记住-这些不是您的个人计算机,并且屏幕不私有。 他们由也许走的人是viewable,包括孩子。

有时职员需要采取适当行为对修理问题和强制执行规则。 所以职员也许需要观察互联网和其他用途,问用户和制约违犯规则的品行。

城市不会在父母位置行动。 父母或监护人负责孩子。 关注他们的儿童的互联网用途的父母或监护人应该提供教导给他们自己的孩子和不给其他。

我们要您使用和享用这些公开计算机。 他们是礼物对您从Takoma基础, Takoma公园马里兰图书馆的朋友和麦克Morrissey的朋友。

Computer Center Policies (Rules, Reglas)

Please read all the following policies for using these computers. They are intended to
a) keep the equipment safe, and
b) provide an inviting and user-friendly environment for everyone.
By clicking on the ‘accept’ button, you have confirmed that you understand and agree to follow them. Violations of these policies may result in curtailment of your user privilege.

You must have a valid Takoma Park Maryland Library card and a PIN to sign on to the computers. These may be obtained in the Library. Please do not share your numbers with others.

If you are under 16 years old, you will have only filtered access to the Internet. If you are 16 or older, filtering is optional. If you find you are excluded from something you need, ask a staff person for help.

If you are under 8 years old, you may not sign on to the computers directly. You may work with a parent or guardian if that person is signed on.

No full-screen video is allowed because it drains most of the computer power and so cause problems for other people who are using the same computer.

The City of Takoma Park is not responsible for the loss of any unattended property left in the computer rooms or the Library - including bags, disks, flash drives or other objects.

The larger computer room is intended for use by those who may wish to work in small groups, get assistance from a staff person, talk quietly or use cell phones. If you want help or company, please use this room.

The smaller room is intended for individual users who generally don’t need help, and who prefer a quiet atmosphere to do their work. Please help us to maintain it as a quiet room.

We invite you to use the computers in the Library if you particularly need help in searching for information. Experienced Library staff are there to help you.

Wherever you work, please take time to read the help pages. These have important directions on such topics as saving your work and printing. You can find them by clicking on the Home button on your browser.

Please be respectful of equipment. No food or drink is allowed in the computer center. All persons using the computer rooms should treat each other with courtesy and respect. Disruptive behavior or rude and abusive language are not permitted.

All uses of the computers must be lawful. No threatening or harassing emails may be sent. Copyright laws must be obeyed including (but not limited to) laws concerning videos, music, images and other copyrighted material. Do not tamper with, copy, or hack network systems, software, or accounts.

The display or printing of pornographic web sites is prohibited. Please remember - these are not your personal computers and the screens are not private. They are viewable by anyone who might walk past, including children.

Staff need to take appropriate actions to resolve problems which arise during use of the public computers and to enforce policies and rules. To this end, staff members may need to observe Internet and other use, question users, and restrict conduct by users which violates the policies. The City shall not act in loco parentis. The responsibility for what a minor uses rests with the parent or guardian. Parents or guardians who are concerned about their child's Internet use should provide guidance to their children and not to others.

Above all, we want you to use and enjoy these public computers - brought to you through donations by the Takoma Foundation , the Friends of the Takoma Park Maryland Library and the Friends of Mike Morrissey.