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saving files

Remember: when you log off, everything you created on this computer will evaporate.  You may want to consider using a little flash drive (plug it in before you log in) or .....

Using the Web to Save Your Files

The great advantage of online storage is that you can access your files from any computer without having to carry about a disk. Free file storage accounts are available from a number of sources, though many of the originally free ones now charge.  And unlike simply e-mailing the files to yourself (which is useful in a pinch), you have can create an organized storage space for your documents, just as if you had them in folders on your own hard drive.

If you want to save documents, consider using Google Docs.  You can edit them directly in the online editor and share them with others.  You will need a Google account.

If you want to save pictures, please consider a flickr account.  Also free.  You can choose to make pictures open for others to view if you wish.  You will need a Yahoo account.