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What do we have in these computer rooms?
A community of nice people who help each other - and also ...

two computer center members
Furniture: The computer tables were made in the United States by a small California company called VersaTables. The tables have solid wood tops and steel frames, and yet were much less expensive than other furniture of lesser quality.

The Assistive Technology Station: The special wheelchair station was made for us by Ergogenic Technology Systems of Doylestown Pennsylvania. Their stations are the only ones we found that can be easily adjusted by the user in three dimensions. They are also used by groups such as the Cerebral Palsy Research Foundation Training Center in Wichita.

Computers: The computers are selected by our vendor in Canada, Userful. They ship the computers, mice, keyboards and floppy drives as part of the package that includes our maintenance, technical support, installation, software configuration, and so on. [systems and software|Introduction to our systems and software]

Monitors: We choose Samsung 740t because it has one of the best contrast ratios of any flat screen monitor available, 1500:1, yet is relatively inexpensive. This unusual sharpness makes the reading of text much easier than with other screens.

Printers: The Ricoh printer in the senior room was specially configured by a small company in Frederick, Service Concepts. The ink-jet printer in the library was an Epson, which has a reputation for working very well with Linux systems as does Ricoh. We are now using a Lexmark in the library and it seems to be working equally well.  (The Epson did not break - it just got converted into a staff printer.) Print jobs from rooms A and B are sent to a computer in the rotunda area and then on to a Canon photocopier.

Chairs: The chairs were selected by the Recreation Department as part of their purchase of furnishings for the Community Center. They have the type of bases that don't tip easily, but never lean way back in them. Tipping them over is a form of treating equipment irresponsibly and so may result in loss of computer privileges.

Who paid for all this? The people of Takoma Park, through their donations to the Takoma Foundation, purchased all the computers and furnishings.

The Friends of The Takoma Park Maryland Library and the Friends of Mike Morrissey purchased the computers and furnishings used in the library.

is supplying the Internet connections in all the computer center rooms and in the library at no charge, as a contribution to our community.