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Blocked Sites
A small number of sites are blocked because they consume all the computer resources. If someone accesses one of them, other users may find their work stations frozen. (see the list below)

  1. These are not blocked because of content, but because these sites are not designed so as to be usable on shared computers.
  2. They are blocked for all users of whatever age.
  3. MySpace, Disney and the Cartoon Network have a history of causing problems on shared computers.  As they are redesigned frequently and so are sometimes on the list of blocked sites, sometimes off.

Important Note:  you may not use proxy anonymizers such as and to avoid the blocks.  Why? because you are not supposed to do anything that interferes with other people's use of these computers and these sites get blocked because they cause crashes and slow-downs.   PLEASE READ THE POLICY the next time you sign in.

Filtered Sites

  1. Sites are on the filter list because the content is considered inappropriate for a public computer facility. These include sites constructed primarily for the purpose of distributing pornography or racial hate.
  2. These filters will be automatically turned on at log-in for those under 16. Anyone older has the option at that time to turn them on.
  3. If you think a site has been erroneously filtered please let us know. That happens occasionally.
  4. We may block you for accessing an inappropriate site that hasn't made it into the filter yet, or that you are accessing via proxy.

We do not object to social software. We encourage you to blog, to use wikis, to use tools such Flickr and . We do not receive E-Rate funds, so even if it passes the Senate, the DOPA act would not apply to us.

. This changes a bit from time to time. This is the most recent list we have. Please remember, these are not blocked because of their content, but because they cause problems on shared computers.

sites currently filtered via filter #2 as of 11/11/10
(we cannot download the list from filter #1 today)

Here are some sites that have previously been blocked by filter #1
(not because of content, because they monopolize the bandwidth and computer memory.

previous list