filtering and blocking


Internet access is automatically filtered for all persons ages 8-15.  For others filtering is optional.  You can turn it on if you wish, and you may wish to do so if you are accidentally accessing a lot of stuff you really don't want to see.


If you haven't read the policy statement recently, please do so.  Clicking accept means you accept our rules.

Remember – accessing web sites that are inappropriate in a public room may get your card blocked.

So may :
  • being rude to our staff or other users
  • extra people on a machine without staff  permission 
  • being so loud that others are made uncomfortable
  • failure to show your own card to staff member on request
  • logging in using another's account
  • using proxies to evade the filter
  • etc.
If you are blocked you may not enter the computer rooms or stand around in the rotunda.  If you have also been posted by the police, you may  enter neither the community center nor the library.

For how long are people blocked?  Usually 1 week for a relatively minor first time.  Longer if multiple rules were being broken, or this has happened before.  A very, very long time for something quite serious.
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