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Shuko and John

Remember - you don't need to give out any real information about yourself, and to protect yourself you probably shouldn't.

And you will have to remember your own log-in name and password. We can't.

And please note: always remember to log out of your e-mail account  when you are finished or all sorts of people may send e-mail out under your identity.

Getting an E-Mail Account

You will need an e-mail account to apply for a job or register for almost anything. Don't worry, they are free, you can have more than one, and you can always abandon one you don't like.

  • Avoid e-mail providers that require a lot of personal information from you.  Never give real personal information to the free e-mail provider.  Create a fictional character.
  • Remember your account name and password.
  • Get the e-mail addresses of a few friends so you can test your new account.
  • Don't use your favorite e-mail address in web pages, online chats or message boards. Use an address you can just stop using at any time.  (see below)
  • Remember to check your mail occasionally. Daily if you are looking for a job.

Free e-mail providers have various advantages. Look for simple sign-up and ads that are not as intrusive.  Dependable and widely used: gmail and yahoo.

pictured above: In the early days of the computer center, Shuko helps John get his first e-mail account.

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